Happy Small Dog Burger Meal-Holiday

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A delightfully festive cheese burger treat for smaller dogs which includes fries, chicken wrap, pizza and yogurt cookies. Your pet will love them. Makes a great gift!


Bacon Cheeseburger, French Fries, Chicken Wrap, Pizza, and Yogurt Cookies.

Calorie counts:
Bacon Cheeseburger, 3.15 K cal per treat
French Fries, 4.0 K cal per treat
Chicken Wrap, 4.4 K cal per treat
Pizza, 7.2 K cal per treat
Yogurt Flavored Cookies, 4.8 K cal per treat

*All products can be purchased in bulk 10 and 20 lb increments. Call for pricing.

Additional information

Weight 5.8 oz
Dimensions 6.00 × 6.00 × 4 in

2 responses to “Happy Small Dog Burger Meal-Holiday”

  1. Just adorable!! I’m just amazed about this Happy meal! I think it’s a brilliant idea. It’s just like goning to a dog’s Mc. Donald and ordering their own happy meal. My dogs really enjoy their happy meals. It didn’t take long for them to eat them up. I like that you can also give these as a gift and put their name on the gift tag that’s at the top of the happy meal. The french fries dog treats are very tasty for my dogs,they love them also. I will be ordering again! The shipping was fast and the products arrived intack. I highly recommend!!

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